Top Five Social Networks You Should Use To Promote Your Business

Which social networks are you currently using to promote your products or services? Read this article to find out more about different networks.

Facebook is definitely the most popular social network in the Western world. If you want to develop a social media marketing campaign, start with a Facebook page. Create a professional page to have access to additional features such as statistics on how many people view your updates. Facebook is easy to integrate into your blog or website and it can be combined with a mobile marketing campaign thanks to the popularity of the Facebook app. Use this network to share any kind of content and save your best pictures, videos and articles directly on your profile by creating photo albums and notes.

Twitter is another popular network you should use if your customers are likely to have a Twitter account. Each Twitter update is limited to 140 characters and should be designed to draw the attention of your subscribers. The best way to share information on Twitter is to write a short but efficient sentence and share a link, which can be reduced thanks to and other similar sites. Keep in mind that most Twitter feeds are updated several times a day; the competition for attention can be rough.

Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr allow you to share pictures, save your favorite ones and organize them into albums. Joining one of these sites could be a great way to share pictures of your products, create info-graphics and encourage your subscribers to share their own pictures with you. Besides, Pinterest and Instagram can easily be combined with Facebook so that your subscribers only need a Facebook account to see what you do on Pinterest and Instagram.

Are your customers more technology-savvy than the average person? If yes, they are probably using Tumblr or Reddit. These sites allow users to share short updates and links to their favorite sites, blogs or news stories. You could use these sites to create a collection of useful links and articles filled with tips related to your products from all around the web, along with pictures and videos. Do some research about your target audience and find out how popular these social networks are before you join them.

Do you need to expand and maintain your professional network? You should think about joining LinkedIn. This site allows you to create a personal profile and connect with colleagues and partners but you can also create a page for your business. LinkedIn has many useful features such as a blogging platform, job postings and this site also gives you the possibility to launch discussions like you would on a message board. LinkedIn is useful if you want to stay in touch with partners, colleagues and sellers but do not expect to connect with your customers on these sites, unless you are offering a product or a service people use in their professional life.

There are many other social networks you should consider joining. Do not hesitate to join a network so you can explore its different features and see how many customers connect with you on this site before deciding whether or not you want to use this site.