How To Promote Your Business With Twitter

Do you have a professional Twitter account? You should read this article to find out more about Twitter and how you can use this site to promote your business.

Creating an account on Twitter is easy. You should select a username that is easy to remember and if possible use your brand as a username. Fill out your profile by adding a picture of your product or a logo and write a short description of your business. Make sure you share a link to your main website or blog in your description. Keep in mind that the information you share on your profile will help people device whether or not they should subscribe to your updates.

Since you are new to Twitter, you should start building a list of users you want to follow. You can easily look for keywords or for a specific brand or username. Do not hesitate to subscribe to a large number of users, as long as these accounts are related to your industry. You should subscribe to your competitors’ accounts and follow bloggers, writers and journalists who write on topics related to your products. Do not subscribe to your customers’ accounts.

Some users will subscribe to your updates once you follow them. You can click on the ‘connect’ button to see who subscribed to your updates. Some of these accounts might be worth following but do not subscribe to every account that shows up in this list. You should know that some users and fake accounts focus on gaining as many followers as possible so they can share spam. Always check the profile of the users you want to subscribe to and make sure you are following a legitimate account.

You can gain more followers by sharing quality content. If you share unique and interesting content, your followers will retweet your updates. This means the users who follow the person who retweeted you will see your content. Do not hesitate to retweet the updates of users you are connected with; these users might retweet your content to thank you. You can also answer to tweets or address a certain user publicly by adding their username to your tweet after the symbol @. This is a good way to get some attention from the followers of the user you tagged.

It is also important that you optimize your tweets with hashtags. Hashtags function like keywords and will help users find tweets related to a certain topic. To create a hashtag, use the symbol # before your keyword. You will find that there are a lot of popular hashtags already in use. You should look up a few keywords you are thinking about using to see which are the most popular. Do not hesitate to create your own hashtag and encourage customers to share their opinion of your products by using this keyword.

Twitter is a great marketing tool because information can be shared so quickly. If you decide to use Twitter to promote your business, make sure you apply the tips you just read and look for creative ways to use the features of this site.